Rob Jones

Tinnitus is the bane of my existence as it hurtles around my neck, shoulders, ears and the back and top of my head. There is absolutely no escape from this demon and its draining effect upon one’s energy and its wicked willingness to terminate decent or any sleep.

The constant buzzing/sizzling is akin to a cross between a Catherine Wheel and a sparkler and this infuriating noise does not let up for a nanosecond. In the times of supposed solitude and transcendental tranquility this trauma of tinnitus is the worst type of enemy as regards the quest for calm and clarity.

The albatross of this impediment weighs heavily as it crashes against every thought and prevents personal peace and prosperity. The lack of understanding from non sufferers can take its toll and can end relationships as it is hard work trying to be chipper when the brutal beast is delivers its damning despair.

This piece is not an understatement and in fact it is difficult to transfer the grief of tinnitus in to words and for those who do not have this condition enjoy yourself because once this colossus kicks in life will never be the same.

Every step taken to address this hurdle can be adopted and some may make things easier for themselves but for the majority it can be an uphill struggle and a costly one at that. Acupuncture, reiki, reflexology, hypnotherapy, Hopi ear treatment, counselling, psychiatry, sound therapy, spiritualism, physiotherapy, holistic medication, masking devices and lot’s more. Exercise, diet and other avenues have also been explored but here we are still on the road to raucous!

Oh! No more! I am trying to help others through a variety of vocational and volunteering posts and yet to enable that to prosper I need to be in full fettle or at least reasonable shape. I am doing my best but in relation to the so called experts the best is not being done for me!

Always open to new ideas, always open to assistance.

Please read on:

Tinnitus receives hardly any funding for research.

There is around just over ONE POUND spent each year, per person suffering from tinnitus.

It is one of the most devastating afflictions yet LOW on the list!

As well as taking their own lives some are travelling abroad in pursuit of assisted suicide.

Tinnitus can be due to loud noise exposure, stress, breakdown, age related, illness, medication, hearing loss, which can be age related too. There are many causes. There are war veterans suffering but all deserve relief. It can be manageable or TORTURE!

It takes you from the world. It can lead to, and in most cases does….stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation, depression, loss of self and much more…SUICIDE!!

WE WATCH THE WORLD GOING ON BY AND WE ARE NOT PART ANYMORE. Just getting up! Getting a day even started! Everyday things…a walk to the shop, take the dog out…WATCHING TV…….

NOISE in our ears means we cannot hear tv, radio, music properly!!!!!!

Without tinnitus, one can cry a problem out or use various other ways. With debilitating tinnitus NOISE DOES NOT GO AWAY….CONSTANT COMPANION!

And the tinnitus is the cause. Life becomes unlivable for many. All the therapy, relaxation techniques, tablets etc, family support… do not work. And some people have NO ONE!

For those who do have family, friends etc…. they can still feel isolated despite all the support.

It does not change just your life but those around. Every aspect of their health too!

Imagine a JUMBO JET in your ear, both ears, in your head.

Imagine not being able to hear anything for the noise in your ears! How do sufferers cover that up? They CANNOT!

Your ears are so important.

Tinnitus needs to be taken SERIOUSLY! It is on the increase, and is debilitating to the point of SUICIDE!

Many also suffer from other things, debilitating or not. What having peace, or something near to that would do for them! Would you like to lie in bed with screaming tinnitus? Cannot lie back and listen to the radio, music, audio books or watch tv! These are things that are first nature to most.

Reading can be impossible to concentrate on. And sleeping! Days in lots of cases and sleep comes from sheer exhaustion from tinnitus. Sleep and then the cycle starts again.

For those who don’t suffer..


Sign for what can help MILLIONS, people you know, family, future generations and…..perhaps your OWN future health…….

Signing can help the hopes and futures of people worldwide. Please sign no mater where you live. UK research, if we are successful in our petition, will be shared!

Someone has to be the leader! Vote and make it happen! Please!

Pleas sign and share the below petition: