Rob Jones

Primal Scream have an impeccable and innovative CV that has set precedents; and this iconic act has delivered aural adventure across four different decades! The quality of their groundbreaking 1991 Screamadelica album put the band to the fore; and the contents of this colossus along with a host of other albums and singles prior and since continue to keep this premium force to the fore. The Maximum Rock n Roll long player release is an eclectic ride through the majority of the Scream sounds that have floated around or in the charts.

The diverse and dexterous nature of the Primal Scream tune tapestry is evident across two CD’s and the 31 songs present cross a whole host of genres. The band traverse a series of sublime sonic stations and each journey is conquered with genuine aplomb. The cool charisma of Bobbie Gillespie takes focal point as his aural delivery coats a variety of textures.

This band can go one louder and one better than a mass of pop pretenders-but, a multi-dimensional approach incorporates psychedelia, country, gospel, funk and the mind altering ambient among other disciplines! A cutting edge has rhythms reverberate and these warriors can rock; but, when the atomic assault needs to drop several million decibels Primal Scream are also philosophers of the fragile!

The Primal Scream public Come Together and they clap, dance, sing, smile and wave as their heroes are Movin’ on Up to a stratosphere that is Higher than the Sun. Don’t fight, it feel It – if you want to let loose and freak out do so and if you require the downward hill to chill – please absorb……
The rockers dance and the dancers rock; and, it is clear that Primal Scream has the ability to entertain all day and all off the night! There cannot be another act that puts so much in to one career; and will seemingly always Shine like Stars……

Primal Scream play highlights from Maximum Rock n Roll to The Great Hall, Cardiff University on Saturday, November 23, 7.30pm. Go to: