Following the First Minister’s announcement that Welsh Government’s shielding guidance has been paused, the Welsh Blood Service is pleased to announce existing donors aged 70 or older, are once again able to donate.

Up until the 16th August existing donors aged 70 or over had been temporarily deferred by the Welsh Blood Service in line with Welsh Government shielding guidance.

To be eligible as a donor over the age of 70, existing donors must have registered and made at least one donation before their 66th birthday and then continued to make donations at least once every two years. Donors can then continue to donate indefinitely providing they remain fit and healthy and satisfy the standard donation criteria.

Marking this occasion 71 year old grandfather and great grandfather, Jon Slee from Rhoose, was one of the first donors over the age of 70 to return, making his 800th platelet donation.
Jon said “I am so happy I am able to help again, it’s such a worthwhile thing to do.

“My wife had bowel cancer in 2014 and thankfully has since recovered so you never know when you may need help yourself.”
Commenting on this Jayne Davey, Supply Chain Lead for Collections Services at the Welsh Blood Service said: “We are absolutely delighted to be making this announcement and we look forward to welcoming back our existing donors over 70 years old.

“Jon is a shining example of the dedication and commitment we see every day with our donors. They are extra special people and we are truly humbled by the love and care they show to the communities throughout Wales by supporting patients in need.

“Blood stock levels have remained stable throughout the pandemic thanks to the overwhelming support from new and existing blood donors across Wales. Going forward the return of our existing donors aged 70 or over will make a significant contribution to our clinics and we thank each and every one of them in advance for their ongoing support.

“Provided existing donors over 70 have donated within the last 2 years and six months they will be able to continue donating with us if they are feeling fit and well.
“This is great news for our donors, a lot of which I know have been eagerly waiting for this announcement.”

If you are interested in making your own blood donation appointment, please visit: or call 0800 252 266.