Rob Jones

Joey Remenyi is an Australian vestibular audiologist who has taken on the trauma of tinnitus along with vertigo and challenged the medical belief system that a healing with approach is a viable entity to make progress added to a dealing with approach that is solely purported on far too many occasions. If you are feeling NQR (Not Quite Right) the advent of this Antipodean guru is well worthy of investigation.

As a victim of tinnitus for a decade I seriously know the negative effects of this cruel ailment and that includes the knock effects of an unwanted noise or series of raucous rumblings is the sorry starting point. From there weariness, sleeplessness, distress and depression can occur as bonus negatives. However, that word negative can be at the key of the suffering because Joey champions neuroplasticity and that means positivity.

Her ‘Rock Steady’ programme now spearheaded by a thorough and thoughtful book looks to the individual to lead the way to a recovery. The advice is a call to look inwards in order to change our own belief system, unproductive thinking patterns, old disadvantageous habits, unnecessary fears, adherence to stress and worrying life occurrences. In essence the goal is to alter a stuck in the mud persona and create new neural pathways in order to enable a fresh route to a healthier and happier outcome.

The ‘Rock Steady – Healing vertigo or tinnitus with neuroplasticity’ book ( in conjunction with the website offer excellent starting points in the aim to achieve. There can be a multitude of options which can collectively work towards a smile instead of frown, a can instead of a cannot, an uplift instead of a downward slide and reclaiming the will to embrace and enhance both the now and future.

The need to ground oneself while placing our anatomy in a state of safety along with stepping outside and away from the furore and pressures of our demanding existence is essential in the quest to brew a braver and brighter you.

These below pointers deliver core integers in the personal metamorphosis that aims to build neural pathways that plan an escape route from any current woe and spark better days:

*Creating a being instead of doing predicament

*Mentally strolling and not running

*Meditating and mindful focus

*Eating and exercising with purpose and prowess

*Kindness to ourselves

*Introducing distraction

*Diminishing toxicity

*Absorbing relaxation and seeking calm

*Adopting holistic practices

*Promoting journaling to record feelings

*Recording the highs and displaying gratitude

*Celebrating the present as a defining moment

*Achieving clarity

*Using wisdom

*Cultivating curiosity and openness about your symptoms

*Befriending ourselves

*Being non-judgmental

*Applying various processes such as a body scan to listen to our bodies


*Resetting our body clocks.

The above entities can straddle over each other, unify and collectively provide a programme. What works for one may equate to that individual release and yet we are all separate forces so do not beat yourself up because as Joey states it took her up to ten years to break free of pervious shackles.

We cannot avoid upset and grief, pressures, the overwhelming influence of others upon us and there is little or no idea of what is around the corner as our daily dramas can unveil themselves without rhyme or reason. Nonetheless, a superior sense of defence to these overwhelming mechanisms can protect and then propel us to more joy and better coping strategies.

On a personal level, I am talking outside of a comfort zone as my own experiences have raced down the rocky road of rumination and a feeling has exacerbated that I cannot shelve the increasing issues hounding me in the maze of mayhem that tinnitus and other health hurdles have become. However, I want to regain a reality of not what has been and what could be into a more focussed what is and offer thanks for the good while slipping away from the bad.

Joey offers hope and after reading her book and exploring the website the green light is afforded to handle the many items indicated in the text and apply the components of that multi-dimensional tool box in order to build a better individual. I am the eternal pessimist but I will go with the flow and try to alter those stubborn, stagnant, stigmas.

Do not compare your struggles to others – but shine the sun on your own development as it is only us as one of a kind humans that can make the moves that are best for our momentum.

Joey offers expertise and a direction with those on the journey joining the practitioner in more personal coaching and guidance which comes at a financial cost. Nonetheless, through the literature and online assistance there is plenty of support to head on to the road to recovery, adventure to autonomy, trip to trust, journey to joy or whatever you seek. There is so much more to discover but read this Page Two Books release as it means you are open to learning. A hearing specialist told me not to bother but that attitude again enforces the stance of deal with it as there is no cure not heal with it as there is neuroplasticity. There are professionals who do care but are stifled by the system but there are far too many who show no concern and view the client as another assembly line statistic rather than a soul who wishes to function more effectively.

Take a choice – do not give up. I certainly want a healthier happiness and desire delight in my days – and, it is not easy to satisfy that ambition when obstacles seemingly grow both in size and amount but it is thanks to ‘Rock Steady’ that hope is still there. Joey says there is no miracle conclusion to rid one of our ailments but if you are prepared to instigate another mindset then a brighter horizon can lay ahead.