Rob Jones

What a nice afternoon unfolded, as entrepreneur Dafydd Jones caught up with Rob Jones – his former literacy tutor. A long time ago in Williamstown Primary Dafydd made an impression with his literacy skills and forward thinking. As a result Dafydd was one of many children who won several prizes and attended events with free tickets given by Rob who now fronts World of Words that assists children with their literacy and well-being.

However, Dafydd is now 21 and a successful businessman. His varied enterprises have brought him to help create the below:

And this wonderful idea aims to curb our litter problems with incentives on offer to particiapants. Litter Lotto have just signed a deal with McDonald’s:

WOW hopes to get Dafydd to visit schools and share in his expertise of waste management among a number of irons he has in the fire. It is enthusing to witness a young entrepreneur thriving while also doing such environmentally sound work and with his astute acumen he could well end up being on the panel of Dragon’s Den.

Well done Dafydd, keep up the good work!

NB If anyone can help World of Words with a donation, please do. Check out and also our fundraising campaign with the Co-op which you can help with by simply aligning your membership card to World of Words. Go to: