Rob Jones

Lynne Tippett is a friend of i.e. WOW and she has come in to schools to talk about her work as a magistrate and also liaise with the children via her poetry. However, to add to it all, Lynne is a talented storyteller and the post 16 market will thrive on the new novel – Deadly Relations – which is one of three new books on the way via Amazon.

The original – Orchid of Death – thriller is the story of injustice. A vicar’s daughter is imprisoned for the murder of her married lover. The story line takes you through the twists and turns of the legal system and people who believe they can manipulate justice. Heartbreak, passion and an unexpected outcome – and, now there is the sequel – Deadly Relations plus other releases including – Selection of Poetry and Memories and Make Believe.

Read more on Amazon and back the books from a Tonypandy wordsmith. Best of luck to Lynne with her projects….

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