Workshop-based management training that provides practical and relevant solutions
has the potential to support the success of micro-businesses in Wales.

In a survey of Welsh micro-businesses, more than 75% believed that developing
their business management skills would enhance their long-term success. But they
struggled to identify their development needs and to find suitable and affordable

The survey, published today, was commissioned by Leadership & Management
Wales (LMW) after a preliminary investigation revealed that more had to be done to
understand and fulfil the specific needs of micro-businesses.

Micro-businesses, which are defined as having nine or fewer employees, make up
more than 94% of active enterprises in Wales. They are eligible for subsidies of up to
70% towards the cost of leadership and management training but current take-up is

“If we are serious about strengthening this vital sector of the Welsh economy, we
cannot afford to ignore the need for specific skills and support,” said LMW director,
Dr Barrie Kennard. “To address some of the issues identified, we are now looking to
run a pilot series of learning workshops tailored to micro-businesses.”

LMW’s survey, The business skills development needs of micro-businesses in
Wales, also recommends the creation of an independent one-stop shop to provide
advice about skills needs and resources, funding and recommendations for
appropriate training workshops and events.

Training providers interviewed for the report agreed that the delivery of leadership
and management training was not currently tailored to the needs of micro-
businesses. But they felt that government funding needed to be more flexible if they
were to provide what was needed.

Leadership & Management Wales is the centre for excellence for leadership and
management skills in Wales. It is part of the Enhancing Leadership and Management
Skills (ELMS) programme. ELMS is part-funded by the European Social Fund
through the Welsh Government.

It is run by a consortium, led by Cardiff Business School, and including Aberystwyth
University, Glyndwr University and Tattum Guest Associates Ltd.