Rob Jones

If WOW can raise £471.66 by November 10 Local Giving will give us a bonus £250. It is a challenge but if you can help, please do as this will help our 2023 programme and enable us to forge ahead and assist more children.

Over 3000 youngsters have passed through the ranks of World of Words i.e. www.worldofwords.educationand there are many credits to record.

‘Thanks for not giving up on me’


‘If it was not for you I would not be able to read’.

These comments speak volumes for 10 years of World of Words (WOW) industry.

Child A fundraised for WOW at her parents Asian takeaway but the collection box was stolen. The young lady was desolate, but WOW wrote her a letter of thanks and gave her a prize. Years later she said that WOW helped her form a desire for a professional career.

Child B intended to go in to his dad’s scaffolding business and he saw no point in reading as he could not make the tie up between literacy and life. WOW had him view things differently and he was grateful both then and as an adult looking back.

WOW has a passion to improve literacy which activated our non profit, unincorporated organisation. Since that day schools have recorded improvements in attendance, attitude, enthusiasm and performance – and, our influence has led to other progressive action.

We react because: 4 in 10 kids leave primary school with insufficient reading ages; of 8000 local kids surveyed – 23% felt they didn’t get the right help, 28% wanted more fun classes and 22% desired more help. That totals 73% of unhappy children; 1 in 6 UK adults struggle with literacy; and 12% of the Welsh population fall short of Level 1 basic literacy skills needed by employers.

Our bespoke service for RCT schools involves appropriate role models which adds extra impetus. We aim to enhance self-esteem and confidence, help educate and entertain plus form bonds across all ages. As a result many families have benefited in our rewards programme that offers free admission to countless major events.

Schools say: ‘WOW had long term success in improving outcomes for young people’, ‘is invaluable, dedicated, hardworking and enthusiastic’, ‘has led to literacy results and self-esteem increasing’, ‘offers a personalised learning journey’, ‘introduces different approaches’, ‘works towards the needs and interests of individuals’ and ‘a pupil with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder had an outlet that was not available elsewhere’.

Many kids, governors, families, guardians and politicians approve of WOW. We work with smaller groups and offer more focus to individuals lost in a bigger forum.

2019-2020 had WOW form Cultural Chapter that had adults from all walks of life learning and liaising until this unique venture was halted by the pandemic.

Now, we want funds to develop this wing, maintain WOW and involve more schools plus increase out trustee numbers.

We say ‘life is a test, just try your best’. Viva The WOW Factor!

We have 7 days left of our Local Giving campaign and if you can donate a few quid and even claim gift aid we can help more children. Here is the link: