Every year we look forward to summer, and when we get an amazing day of sun we think YES! Finally our summer has arrived, only to wake up 3 days later to pouring rain.
This year’s summer was no exception; we had a glorious day here and there. But unfortunately, overall it was pretty miserable and now we’re in September it’s just going to get worse and before long it will be dark early, low temperatures and icy winter conditions.
But it’s important to not let the good old British weather get you down. We can’t control nature and her elements, so instead we should feel relaxed, happy and actually ready (dare I say) to enjoy for winter. .
1. Stay in bed! No I don’t mean blow off all work commitments and hibernate like the animals and I don’t mean do this every day. I mean get as much sleep as you can during the nights and once a week, especially as it gets colder and darker it’s cosier to snuggle in bed. Grab a flask of hot chocolate, tea, coffee or whatever you like and watch a film / TV or read. It’s better than traipsing down stairs to do the same thing.

2. Stay active with different routines! Ok, so summers gone, there’s no more bikinis and hot pants for a few months so there a lot less pressure for a summer body. Try to add some relaxation into your routines like yoga and try ‘do it at home’ exercises which means you can stay in the comfort of your warm home.

3. Eat well! Make stews and soups at home, these are not only fill you up but make you feel all warm inside! If you’re not too worried about extra calories why not add a big chunk of bread to your soup for dipping- Delicious!

4. Read! There’s nothing like a good book to get you through a hard winter. Try a celebrity biography, a ‘How to’ guide or even something by Jayne Austin. This way, by the time spring come you’ll either know a celebrity inside out, have learnt how to knit or plumb or have fallen madly in love with Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. Good all round!

5. Pamper yourself! Lighting some candles, putting on relaxing music, pouring yourself some wine (or having a cuppa) and soaking in a hot bubble bath is pure indulgent bliss and it feels somehow so much better when it’s cold outside. Give yourself a mini mani and pedi, deluxe condition your hair and try your hand at a homemade face pack. You’ll soon be feeling a million dollars, without having to spend a cent at the salon.
Whatever you do this winter, try not to let the weather get to you. Winters come and go, but feeling happy and taking good care of you should be an all year round thing!

Linsey Richards l.a.richards00@btinternet.com