Book Review

The 15 minute Rule
(How to stop procrastinating and take control of your life)
By Caroline Buchanan

Like most people I find myself always writing ‘to do’ lists as there’s always so much I need to do, yet I very rarely tick everything off due to things cropping up, like being addicted to family dramas on Jeremy Kyle even though I cringe all the way through or just checking Facebook for the hundredth time in case I miss any gossip!
Then six months ago when I was living near Richmond in London, I passed a Waterstones bookshop where a local author (Caroline Buchanan) had published a book. The book titled ‘The 15 Minute Rule’ caught my eye immediately. It was exactly what I was looking for and the best thing about it was that it was less than 200 pages long and had perfectly arranged sections so it feels like your reading much more than you are! Brilliant!
So after purchasing my new book I went home and put it on my bedside table and there it stayed for three weeks … well I am a busy woman after all.
Then one weekend as I was travelling back to South Wales via train, I decided I would read it. Well after I got over the several funny glares that came my way from the title (As if they all stuck to schedules) I got comfortable and began to read, and read I did, all the way to Cardiff. It took two hours to complete the book, including little tasks she gives you to write inside.
The book was brilliant, it was varied which was great. It’s not all about ‘to-do’ lists. In fact Caroline is completely against the ‘to- do’ list. She’s more about just doing! The book covers everything from enthusiasm, to your career, your weight, your love life, friends and family and even finances. As it’s true we can procrastinate in several different areas, it’s not just about getting the ironing done and remembering to send Aunt Sue’s birthday card. Sometimes we spend more time in certain areas of our lives than others, which can have a negative effect on us and cause us to stress and even FREAK out!
Caroline Buchanan teaches us that you can actually get plenty done in 15 minutes; the key is to break down what you have to do, prioritise and GO! And guess what if you don’t finish, there’s always the next 15 minutes you get.
I admit she did make me look at ‘to do’s’ in a different light, if I’m honest I still have to make a little list now and again or I’d forget things, but I’m much more about the DOING than the PLANNING now.
So if you find yourself putting things off, this will be a great investment. I know most of it is common sense, but it still nice to have a little help.
You’ll also be please to know I wrote this blog in 15 minutes! Ahhh it taught me well!