Rob Jones

If you are looking for an inspirational character there is no need to search any further than Paralympian Rhys Jones. The word legend can be bandied around but 28 year old Rhys from Clydach Vale fits the bill with aplomb.

Rhys has challenged hurdles that many folk will never encounter and he has cleared those barriers with a level of success that is staggering. European, Commonwealth, Olympic and global recognition with a series of accolades to back his case is a fine legacy.

Rhys is such a lovely chap who is honest, humble and humane. When it comes to a culture of ‘can not’ and ‘will not’, Rhys is of the ‘can’ and ‘will’ mindset and full credit to him for his never say never attitude. I am so pleased to know this pillar of the community and so are the many others who have been moved by his incredible spirit.

World of Words i.e. www.worldofwords.educationinvited Rhys into Cwmclydach Primary School and the children and staff were in awe of a former pupil who still lives in the area.

Rhys offered a talk that had such a positive message – as adversity is put on the back-burner in the quest for glory. There were questions galore from the floor and they were answered with truth and humour.

Ailments and injuries may have come thick and fast but Rhys keeps on keeping on and the next big event is the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

We wish him well and will be shouting for this regal Rhondda runner when he pulls on that Welsh kit!

Go Rhys! – And thanks for joining the list of elite folk who have supported the work of World of Words.