By Rob Jones

Since the arrival of fame-Scottish mirth-maker Kevin Bridges has delighted the masses with his diverse selection of tales, observations, ad-libs, spontaneity and razor sharp retorts!The Wednesday night of his three evening stint at St. David’s Hall, Cardiff offered promise to another full house-and, the show delivered laughter in abundance!

Kevin covers an array of topics and his composed comedic characteristics shine through. His diligent delivery places him as a master of his trade-and, he will even mock himself in order to gain favour! His ten year diet tale on how to lose four stones (which will be put back on again in time!) was a gem. To add to which his discomfort at moving up the social ladder and mixing with his new middle to upper class neighbours was also hilarious. Tied in to the latter monologue was evidence that to carry off his type of comedy you need a monumental memory-and, the recall of Bridges in his ‘Diego Rivera’ presentation was jaw-dropping and worthy of widespread applause.

Other skits about topics such as: Partying, technology, travelling, sleepovers, family, friendships, Scottish independence and international debts also brought the house down. Unplanned situations spark further delight and a scything skill can destroy annoying punters who shout out random nonsense. Bridges thrives on audience participation-and, poor Gary in the front row probably wishes he had settled for less conspicuous seats!

Nonetheless, there is no harm done as the star act and his subjects get a lot of fun out of the communication breakdowns led by the distinctive accents of Scottish and Welsh folk.

Kevin has packed a lot in to his 28 years and the maturity in his performance is also iced with a lot of blaspheme that is pertinent to the punch of his performance. His precise use of language (whether good or bad) coats the material and gives it a gloss that augments the enjoyment-and, anyone who would take offence should not be present in the first place!

Bridges is still a young man and his appeal to different age groups should ensure that he has a long and rewarding future as a public figure ahead of him. However, perhaps the same cannot be said of Chad Hogan!!!