Rob Jones

Over the years Stuart Kear of Tonypandy has been an avid writer and his link up with the writers group in the local library has further heightened his interest with the short story format. An increased development in application has now led to this Rhondda wordsmith publishing a text entitled ‘Short, Long and Tall Stories’ (available via Amazon). This release features 13 different tales across 119 pages of prose and it can be categorically confirmed that there is plenty of variety within the extensive contents. However, whether tears of joy or sorrow one common theme is Welsh valleys life and a take on life’s ups and downs from this unique perspective. So well done Stuart Kear for offering a voice to this often overlooked part of the UK.

The author displays a vivid imagination with skills for a twist or turn in the proceedings and such traits keep the reader on their toes. Sharp, succinct passages maintain momentum and provide a path to outcomes that are credible and sometimes incredible. The source of the script does do not wander off in to a land of self indulgence where flowery exchanges negate the narrative. However, there is clever wordplay and some of the characters introduced are perfect for the style unleashed. Although, there are personnel present who may be worthy of a return in future endeavor.

This is a bargain buy and the components of its whole mean that if you have a little spare time free there may be a chance to have a quick gaze through the baker’s dozen of treats – or, if you have more scope for relaxation then this is a book with more than the odd hook. Pick it up and lap it up!

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