Rob Jones

Brix Smith-Start, Steve Hanley, Paul Hanley, Steve Trafford and Jason Brown form an intriguing musical line up! This quintet of souls unites as Brix and The Extricated, and a live date is set for Le Pub, Newport on Wednesday, November 25, 7.30pm!

The reason for excitement is that the Hanley’s and Smith-Start were at the core of a celebrated 80’s incarnation of The Fall! Trafford has also been an employee of Mark E. Smith so the plot thickens and appeal of this touring unit heightens. A liaison to The Fall is at the core of a live set delivered by Brix along with her cohorts-and, even though Mark is not present it all makes for a compelling proposition! Punters have been treated to the likes of: New Big Prinz, Cruiser’s Creek, US 80’s 90’s, Feeling Numb, Leave the Capitol, 2 x 4, L.A., C.R.E.E.P., Hotel Bloedel, Totally Wired, Lay of the Land, Deadbeat Descendent, Hit the North and Mr Pharmacist. Brix may also features tracks from another of her projects and the sunshine soaked sounds of The Adult Net plus new material can only add to the party. Therefore, the chance to witness these gems on stage makes for an essential evening in Gwent!
Old songs are given new life and this cast of characters prove their potency without the worry of satisfying a certain Mr. Smith. Gung ho garage gusto ensues without the aforementioned enigmatic vocalist but with a charismatic singer whose pop prowess is heightened in the elevated company that acts a fulcrum for her diligent delivery.

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