Review and photographs by
Rob Jones
Killing Joke is a big boisterous beast! Band leader Jaz Coleman is dictator-director and his accomplices provide the ultimate support network to allow their orchestrator to flourish. The enigmatic front man joins original Jokers-Geordie (guitar), Paul Ferguson (drums) and Youth (bass) for a contemporary line up that is augmented by Reza Udhin (keyboards). The result of this bond is a tight knit unit who excel in their delivery of dynamite!

These warriors may be described as post punk or dance rock or alt. metal but any label utilised is irrelevant because most importantly Killing Joke are a revelation! There is no room for weaknesses in either the music or messages-and, as a result the power, precision and punch of these guys cannot be equalled. 

Cardiff University was in for a treat-and, that is what the assembled throng received! The blistering new album Pylon was a feature of the evening and opening epic Autonomous Zone volleyed its juggernaut gyrations in to the stratosphere.

The full flow of Killing Joke is best suited to a compact arena and the punters thrive on the hard hitting hymns that are fired in to the auditorium! The fresh material also showcased the soaring single I am the Virus and along with the likes of Delete there is strength in depth within the 2015 work. This boisterous band may have spanned 37 years but the world would be a better place if their level of passion and purpose was taken on board by our politicians!

Jaz displays emotions on a variety of global issues via his lyrical aggression and commentary in between numbers. Geordie is a force with his scything playing; Paul maintains a momentous beat; Youth offers rhythmic revs (and a series of smiles imply that he enjoys being back in the fold); and, a relatively juvenile Reza aids the assault.

The concert debut of Absent Friends resonated with the revellers as the song was dedicated to former group stalwart Raven who sadly passed away in 2007. Big guns from the early years were brought in to battle and to hear Follow the Leaders, Requiem, Change, Pssyche and Wardance is an unparalleled pleasure-because this selection are seminal songs not just live lustre! Money is not our God, Asteroid, Exorcism and Pandemonium amongst other career anthems also had an incendiary impact.

Killing Joke is still a vibrant and visceral studio and stage experience. These durable and diligent kings of chaos create an essential event-and, a night in their company can only enhance your belief in the magnitude of music!