Rob Jones

Camden quartet Wolf Alice has developed a growing audience. The path to public approval has come via a live lustre and regal releases; and, My love is Cool 0n Dirty Hit Records is one of the finest long players of 2015.

There is a distinct 90’s feel to the proceedings with the likes of Lush, Sleeper, Salad, Elastica, Echobelly and All About Eve springing to mind. Is that a good thing? Yes, because Wolf Alice have a bank of quality songs to bolster their union of influences. There is certainly a diverse bag of tunes present amongst the dozen diamonds of My love is Cool. The offerings come via soaring sweet harmonies or harder hitting indie but the emphasis is centred upon pop precision.

Wolf Alice calls for the listener to climb rock mountains and then delve down in to velvet vales. The journey is a multi-dimensional aural adventure. The quiet and loud variables of Wolf Alice take the band from flowery folk to granite grunge with several other sonic stop offs also integrated in to their musical manifesto. A track such as Swallowtail is a perfect example of how the foursome can combine the ethereal with the electric to aim for the epic!


Bass player Theo Ellis states ‘everyone kept telling us we were so eclectic and incapable of being pigeonholed’. He then goes on to say ‘the album is an expression of our sound, cross-pollinated by what’s come before; a consistent representation of those ideas’.


This act has achieved so much in a short career and there is a lot of ambition in their endeavour. Drummer Joel declares ‘the coolest thing is to have something about you’ and that may well be a copy of this record!