Rob Jones

A 2015 Spizzenergi weds the many worlds of Spizz-and, that means entertainment personified! Spizz has had many different incarnations but his input in to the post punk peripheries is not to be underestimated. The late 70’s singles (as Spizz Oil and Spizzenergi) including the band anthem Where’s Captain Kirk and 80’s albums Do a Runner (as Athletico Spizz 80) and Spiky Dream Flowers (as The Spizzles) are showpiece recordings. These works displayed both lyrical and musical merits-with a sway towards science fiction and global affairs.

These works are far from the one trick pony tag of many of the Spizz peers. An expansive and imaginative catalogue of early epics are still worthy of attention many moons on. Therefore. the chance to watch Spizz and his comrades in the flesh was a treat and the great man certainly knows how to put on a show. His appearance and attitude do not mean that his stage presence is some throwaway gesture-and, a current quintet are in demand on the gig circuit.

Their Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff set was a lively encounter and the rapport with the punters showed a mutual affection that has crossed over several decades. Nostalgia has never done any harm and even though we are all victims to the sands of time Spizz defies the ageing process with a stamina sparked stage style. The main man appears to be plugged in to the mains such is his illuminated appearance and he even fired some of his light rings in to the audience and I was lucky to catch one of these treasured items!

Fan favourites dominate proceeedings and there is so much depth and deligence aplenty in the drama. European Heroes, Red & Black, Soldier Soldier, No Room and Central Park are powerful presentations that have not diminished in status as the years have vanished. Meanwhile, more recent offerings such as City of Eyes and Here comes the Machines prove that there is still creativity in the tank.

In a sad world of X-Factor wannabes that offer nothing but plagiarism here we have a natural nugget who goes that extra yard to be different and actually put on an event for his disciples. The Spizz sidekicks also pump up the volume and there is plenty of pomp and power in this engine room.
Rock music is not solely the domain of the younger set! Long live Emperor Spizz and his energi ensemble!