Rob Jones

Ruts DC brought together the past and present of their career in a lively set at Caerphilly Castle. There was a dip into the halcyon era of 1978-1980. A four piece combo operating as The Ruts delivered The Crack album which put the band on the map plus Grin & Bear It – and the Welsh crowd thrived on this material from a band now featuring original members and rocking rhythm rebels Ruffy and Segs along with Leigh Heggarty on guitar. The castle is nearly floored with the gusto of the guys – and, there are just so many top tunes.

Then on a more recent note there was an exploration of potent contents from the Music Must Destroy long player. However, this three piece made a significant sound that outweighed the number of personnel present and as a TNT trio their energy proved that it is still possible to maintain the age in rage!

Nonetheless, as well as showing their potent power Jah War offered a route to reggae and this sonic style is also an area of adventure for these street survivors. A gangster guise leads the passion for fashion with a military momentum on the drums – and, such chic defies all of the stereotypes of punk – so, well done lads for avoiding pantomime costumes – hello! Mr. Lydon!

A 45 minute concert limited possibilities but this support slot was as good as it gets and it was time for the main act as The Stranglers were forthcoming. In a Rut? Not so on this showing! Ruts DC march on and the chaps will be back on Welsh soil with a gig at The Globe, Cardiff on Friday, October 16, 8pm. Go to: