Rob Jones
Is there anyone anywhere who has not missed out on a band that may have slipped under the radar of the masses? There are many, many acts that may have been leftfield of the mainstream and had a niche cult following but then vanished because the commercial acclaim never materialised. However, as the analysts trawl the aural annuls there is another find. Alternatively a current act mixing in sonic circles has their antenna directed to one act and from there a whole host of stones are turned over and treasures are discovered.  New music is coming from everywhere but there is also an abundance of yesteryear outsiders being brought to the attention of a wider audience. This situation is bringing us the likes of PYLON-and, the world is a better place for the arrival of a prime live set from 1983. This 20 song collection unites the best of a band that come from the same Georgia Athens area as R.E.M. and B52’s-and, this better known company can also be counted as fans. This work is also a benchmark as a surprise band split was not too far around the corner.
PYLON stands as shockingly modern and unparalleled these many years later.”
-Michael Stipe, R.E.M.
PYLON is still my favorite Athens band, in fact, one of my favorite bands!”
-Fred Schneider, The B-52s
PYLON pile on the punk funk grooves and there is definitely a Gang of 4 meets Keith Levene groove running through the spine of these angular danceable rhythms. ESG, Delta 5, The Au Pairs and late nights with the DJ John Peel on BBC Radio also spring to mind-so it is all good news for the listener whether an original or debutante. There are vehement female vocal leads as the rollercoaster of spunky and chunky beats forge on without a slip in standards or a dip in direction. The new double live album collates material from their two studio albums that were re-released in 2007 and 2009. In 2011 Pylon also released a split single with Deerhunter-and, they honoured each other’s tunes.
1983 was an extremely busy year for PYLON and then without warning their then story came to a close. The Mad Hatter in Athens, Georgia witnessed a closing show of disco stomp, post-punk guitar scythe and we mean it man industry. What a joy it is to bring an affair that united a n alternative approach with demonic dance.  There is no doubt that Pylon live is the real deal and does justice to their CV in the correct manner.The question we ask is why in the world did PYLON quit? However, skills do not always pay the bills!

PYLON’s raison d’être was performing in front of an audience and to catch them on their home soil with the culmination of their career classics .

PYLON Live is a double album that includes visceral versions of the PYLON canon from their brace of LPs with the rare “Party Zone” and a never-before-released cover of the “Batman Theme.”

This is different kettle of fish to R.E.M. and the B-52’s but add PYLON to that list and Athens certainly can stand tall for its contributions to contemporary music. You may be well aware of the first two acts but now is the time to acquaint yourself with PYLON.

PYLON LIVE is available for pre-order at,, iTunes, Amazon, and wherever digital music is sold.