Rob Jones

Tasy Hudson is a Canadian multi instrumentalist who started as a solo artist before she attracted a band that has since grown around her. The act named Consilience also feature Aidan Lucas-Buckland, Dylan Howard and Louis Mendez  became central to proceedings as other players have become more ephemeral. The 2014 Walking Through a Dead Night EP became a union of ethereal and indie excursions. The former floating dream dalliances have become the core of the ten track Under the Beds album release. Smooth, soft, suave, soothing and slow sounds emanate from the musical moves of this Edmonton entity. However, beneath this pristine pop production there are lurking lyrical lunges. Hudson and company identify that there may be a monster (or more than one) under our beds. The performers meander away from mindfulness as too many personal issues can cloud the songs

The listener craves for more variety within this release and in essence more clarity in the contents.  On the track Secrets Hudson admits ‘I think too hard’ and perhaps her stream of consciousness pondering does not lead to an easy transfer of ideas over to an audience. ‘I worry, please hurry’  asks Grim and ‘What keeps you up at night?’ is a call on Bad Timing. 

The self doubt and quizzical nature within the wordplay is a case that this wall of words is lacking a door to understanding. Mystery she wrote (or wanted to write)-but, there is a need for some editing within the make up of the tunes to keep the public interested. There is promise here and the execution of these tracks shows diligence but Under the Beds is a place where this record may end up living and unfortunately it may stay there. A generous 6 out of 10 for this endeavour. Keep working at it Consilience and bring more melody in to your harmonies.