Rob Jones
Keith Richards: My Life in Photographs is a glossy coffee table book that includes 300 colour and black-and-white photographs with some interesting commentary to accompany the visuals. This publication is essential for Rolling Stones aficionados but it is also a welcome document for each and every culture vulture who has an obsession with the unolling of the 1960’s forward to the current day.

This release features the work of legendary photographers such Terry O’Neill, Annie Leibowitz, Neil Preston, Jim Marshall, Deborah Feingold and Mark Seliger.

This vast and varied catalogue of eye-catching episodes takes in: The music, mayhem, marriage, movies and more! Keith Richards has had a career spanning six decades and this text does justice to an eventful life that continues to defy the sands of time.

It is not just the ageing process but the different periods of Keith as he created his own monster and may have fallen on the sword of his Satanic majesty but seemingly when it comes to surviving he has been the master of hitting obstacles and then dusting himself down and moving on! As he says (presumably tongue in cheek) ‘I’m all for a quiet life. I just didn’t get one.’ However, more appropriate is the comment ‘Really good to be here…..really good to be anywhere!’

Well Keith is in abundance here via a selection of seminal moments that confirm that when it comes to rock n roll icons Mr Richards is at the top of the tree!