Rob Jones

The Inspiral Carpets reformed in 2011 minus their acclaimed singer Tom Hingley. Hingley was with the band from 1989 and he performed on all of the Inspirals commercial credits. However in the crazy world of rock n roll Hingley has been replaced by Steve Holt who was the guy Tom had once replaced!

Well Tom who has plated at The Pop Factory/The Factory, Porth with both The Inspiral Carpets and as a solo turn has now formed a tribute band tohis old employess called…The Kar-Pets.

Hingley is the vocalist, Philip McKinytre is on guitar, Ste Pearce is on bass, Malcolm Law plays drums, and Dickon Kyme-Wright is the Farfisa organ wizard.

The lads are performing songs from the Inspiral Carpets bona fide anthems: and anthems such as This Is How It Feels, Dragging Me Down and Saturn Five are promised. Let’s hope Tom brings The Kar-pets back to Wales and a date in the valleys would be well received.

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