Rob Jones

Kate Jackson is the former vocalist of the Long Blondes (an underrated band that deserved far greater success). The Long Blondes split in 2008 and Jackson moved to Rome and she became an artist. However, in 2014 she returned to her home town of Bury St Edmunds. Painting continued to be a primary concern but it was also evident that an aural appetite was being revived.

May 2016 has an alt. rock diva making a dynamic debut solo album entitled British Road Movies (on Hoo Ha Records). A ten tune record has been forged alongside the skills of Bernard Butler (Suede, The Tears, Mcalmont & Butler); and, the goal is that each song is part of a bigger story absorbing the colour, weather and architecture seen from every car windscreen.
Jackson states. “As an island our roads lead somewhere far too quickly to hold adventure. We are not the land of Jack Kerouac but of Antiques Road Trip. But who is to say our roads can’t be cinematic?” Kate has taken the lead of the movie maker and the journeying journalist. Then of course a link up with Butler developed these ideas. She goes on to say: “We initially bonded over a shared love of Bowie, The Fall, Neil Young and Brian Eno, and quickly found that songwriting flowed freely between us”.  Bernard is of course a field leader in altering moods from the ballad format to punchy pop-and, he proves that he is still a master of his trade.

There is a rafter of rhythm reference points from an up tempo Belinda Carlisle/GoGo’s sonic style mixing with the 60’s of Sandie Shaw. The excursion also passes through the needle of 90’s Britpop nuances including the storytelling skills of Pulp and other protégés of that era such as Lush. The palette of Patti Smith and the Americana/country crowd has also helps form a truly diverse disc that lends itself to many textures. Eclectic musical styles shift through several gears and the listener receives big, melodies as Butler’s musical and production prowess dovetails with the narrative of the record.

Jackson has created a series of paintings entitled, ‘British Road Movies’ and the soundtrack to these works is now available for your perusal. This is the road to somewhere and that destination is the grey matter of your beings.