Rob Jones

Rews are a London/Belfast led high energy alternative rock twosome made up of vocalist Shauna Tohill and beat-maker Collette Williams. This youthful female duo take their lead from the 90’s power pop noise nuances of bands such as Lush, Salad and even more noticeable is Republica. The Shake Shake release (following on from Can you feel it? and Death Yawn) has the girls is full assault with their groove gusto coated with sonic subtleties that still make for a radio friendly focus. This offering would certainly forge appeal to delve deeper in to Rews news and find out more about an act who at single three are building up a burgeoning reputation and a fan base that is ever expanding.
It would be far more appealing to walk in to River Island and have Rews coming at you over the airwaves than some of the chronic sonic that infiltrates the shopping experience! A Riot Grrrl edge for the post milliennium new breed! Please take a cruise with Rews!