Rob Jones

Primal Scream have an impeccable and innovative CV that has set precedents; and this iconic act has delivered aural adventure across four different decades! The quality of their groundbreaking 1991 Screamadelica album is to the fore; and the contents of this colossus continue to burn brightly twenty five years after their original arrival. A Screamadelica Live DVD release of this remarkable record also has the added bonus of a further eight Primal products confirm that the boys can pump it up as well as go on a trippy ethereal ride.

A 2010 London Olympia gig displays the diverse and dexterous nature of the Primal Scream tune tapestry. A gathered throng are on a high via a concert that meandered between a series of sublime sonic stations. The cool charisma of Bobbie Gillespie takes focal point as his aural accomplices deliver a variety of textures. This band can go one louder and one better than a mass of pop pretenders-but, a multi-dimensional Screamadelica journey traverses across arenas such as psychedelia, country, gospel, funk and the mind altering ambient! A live cutting edge has rhythms reverberating around the venue; but, when the atomic assault needs to drop several million decibels Primal Scream are also philosophers of the fragile!

The Primal Scream public Come Together and they clap, dance, sing, smile and wave as their heroes are Movin’ on Up to a stratosphere that is Higher than the Sun. A memorable display of vivid visuals bounce off the rear of the stage and the call of Don’t fight it, feel It fuels the ethos of Primal Scream!

The rockers dance and the dancers rock; and, it is a joy to Slip inside this House to share in the heat of a band that is on top form! Then it was time for a no frills, foot to the pedal, deep down and dirty encore of post Screamadelica fans favourites e.g. Country Girl, Jailbird and Rocks. It is a shame that the plug has to be pulled on a first class gig that is augmented by a gospel choir. Primal Scream has the ability to entertain all day and all off the night! There cannot be another act that puts so much in to one stage set; and as the gig ends a band and their faithful were united as one! Primal Scream Shine like Stars and long may their chameleon like industry prosper!