Rob Jones

The Sex Pistols Experience are a TNT tribute to a famed second line up of Rotten/Cook/Jones/Vicious. The renowned rebel rock of these four spiky tops shook the world in 1977 and early 1978 before the band split after an anarchic American tour.  However, Sid then self-destructed and even though there have been subsequent re-unions with original bassist Glen Matlock the public image of the Sex Pistols will be often be remembered as the latter day 70’s quartet.

Therefore, The Sex Pistols Experience thrive on the identity and notoriety of this version of the punk pioneers-and, a number of visits to Wales have always proved to be popular as the disciples honour their deities with a show that does justice to the originals. Lead singer Nathan Maverick has even appeared in a tribute to PIL via Public Imitation Limited. From this perspective original PIL members Jah Wobble and Keith Levene have toured with Maverick and produced their interpretation of the legendary Metal Box album.

Maverick and his associates  have toured far and wide and on the evening of Saturday, August 27 the lads appear at Taff’s Well Exies Club. Tickets are £10 and they arte available from the venue via or call 02920 250731.