Rob Jones

Weaves are really very good-and, you need to know more but always keep in your mind that to avoid these new kids on the alt. rock block would be a grave mistake. Jasmyn Burke leads the four-piece and one is automatically transported to the terrain occupied by Karen O and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. If you are a fan of those American aural ambassadors then a sonic sojourn up to Canada is advisable because a trip to Toronto offers a welcome to the world of Weaves. Their fellow countrymen Metric also spring to mind when one takes a ride through the rhythms of the wonderful Weaves.

The band have an adventurous approach to pop music and this quartet leave no idea unexplored. Their first long player is bursting with hooks and a range of speeds. However, it’s the sound of a band propelled forward by their multi-faceted outlook and that means more joy for them and also their audience.

Weaves can be both moody and playful-and, they could conform to one style but there is too much fun to be had formulating sonic structures. A never stay in the same place mentality means that Weaves never visit the regions of redundancy. Here is a band that you cannot imagine residing in one field and alt. rock is an area where there are no set rules. If it is commercial a band can thrive but if it is not we can still enjoy ourselves. Weaves have the ability to ne both a commercial and critical success. This record is full of enthusiasm and energy and we can all do with doses of those factors in the sometimes mundane nature of life. Weaves cannot be pinned down and their free spirit is a revelation.

Weaves are with Dilly Dally at The Globe, Cardiff on Tuesday, September 20, 7.30pm. Go ahead and have a good time because Weaves are in town! This up and coming outfit may be huge upon their next arrival so now is the opportunity to catch this crazy crew when the tickets are reasonably priced! However, first of all taste the tunes of a diligent debut.

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