Rob Jones

John Lydon has had plenty to say, Glen Matlock has told his tale and now it is the turn of Steve Jones to add his quota of experiences to the Sex Pistols files. The autobiography of the punk guitar guru is entitled Lonely Boy and as an appetiser it is apparent that every single pebble will be turned over in an attempt to tell the complete story.

Jones is prepared to unleash some tragic personal trauma including his youthful encounters as a victim of peadophilia and dysfunctional family upbringing. One has to admire how frank this London lad is in relation to desperate distress and its obvious negativity upon his persona.

Steve was a juvenile delinquent and his desire to steal anything from anybody at any time takes up a lot of his adolescent years. A poor relationship with both his mum and deeply disturbed stepdad is the green light to manifest major mischief.  As a result Steve spends time under lock and key but it is crystal clear that he craved attention from his mother and that was not forthcoming so he went on a rampage of rebellion. The description of a ‘cloak of invisibility’ means that he does get away with a score of deviant acts and his thieving from star turns did provide The Sex Pistols with a lot of equipment that was essential to their commencement.

It is apparent that a focus on music did eventually offer Steve a channel to disrupt his circle of skullduggery. Even though along that route Steve was to suffer at the hands of alcohol and narcotics. Nonetheless, this potent player has pulled his way clear of the mire in order to wipe the slate and gain release from a dependency on stimulants. However, there is plenty of sex, drugs and rock n roll on a remarkable journey that is nowhere near finished.

The power of the Pistols led to a significant change in the aural landscape of the 70’s. An allegiance to Malcolm Maclaren and his garment empires opened a door for Jones to break free of his road to ruin existence and this bond forged a path to infamy over the end of a dynamic decade. Steve was a key component in the wall of sound that descended from the Pistols and from there he became a noted rock musician scoring many other projects, collaborations and solo endeavour.

At the same time fame and not necessarily fortune took its toll on a seemingly highly addictive personality. A route to clean living was not an easy one but Steve has proven his strength to forge a less destructive lifestyle and find some comfort. Athough it is still clear that certain disturbing events of yesteryear may never free themselves from the Jones psyche.

The guitar guru is now set up in L.A. where to add to his rock reputation he has carved out a career for himself as a D.J. via his popular Jonesy’s Jukebox show (check out YouTube for footage). Steve is a happy citizen of America and his daily demands are a long way from his nascent days as an urban tearaway! His tale is a gripping read
where honesty comes to the fore and although there are elements of his existence that are unsavoury he is to be admired for adopting major alterations in an attempt to get some satisfaction because his excessive behaviours have not really provided him with any positive answers.
If you are looking for a literary friend take an insight in to Lonely Boy. Ladies and gents….Steve Jones, once a man for all treasons and now a champion of the people!