Rob Jones

The music of The Jam has been honoured by a series of tribute acts but there is obviously those that carry kudos and others that try too hard in the dress and demeanour department. The Jam DRC come from The Midlands and their construction of those timeless late 70’s and early 80’s mod-punk-new wave classics has their delivery seamlessly connect the musical links of yesteryear. This trio present a show that concetrates on the Sound Effects rather than a fashion overload. Therefore, it is a replication of the tunes with emphasis put on the playing ability and yes, these guys sport a certain look but it is not a Madame Tussauds apeing of any particular era of the Weller, Foxton and Buckler union.

The Jam DRC made the long trip to Ystrad Rhondda RFC and the feeling towards the holy trinity of Paul, Bruce and Rick is obviously strong in this neck of the woods as the locals came out in their masses. This was an early evening show on a bank holiday that turned from a cold, drab Sabbath in to a red hot event. I was fortunate to have seen The Jam at the sadly long lost Sophia Gardens, Cardiff in 1979 and there has also been the chance to witness From the Jam (featuring Bruce Foxton) as well as Paul Weller over the years. Therefore, an assessment of The Jam DRC could result in comparisons with the masters and in all fairness the new breed are worthy of compliments because they put on a good show that does justice to the icons who originally produced this pristine pop.

The boys played on for upwards of two hours and the choice of material offered the soaring singles, bouyant b-sides and immense album tracks. Check through the list below to get a taste of the magnitude of what was on offer:
Thick as Theives
The Modern World
In the street Today
Away from the numbers
In the City
Billy Hunt
Mr. Clean
A bomb in Wardour Street
All mod Cons
To be Someone
In the Crowd
Girl on the Phone
Pretty Green
Man in the Corner Shop
Funeral Pyre
The Great Depression
Art School
Private Hell
It’s too Bad
Absolute Beginners
Happy Together
Just who is the five-o-clock Hero?
The Bitterest Pill
The Gift
The Place I love
Running on the Spot
The Butterfly Collector
The dreams of Children
Saturday’s Kids
Little boy Soldiers
Tales from the Riverbank
Going Underground
Strange Town
Burning Sky
Boy about Town
But I’m different Now
David Watts
The Eton Rifles
Down in the Tubestation at Midnight
Town called Malice
When you’re Young
Beat Surrender
That’s EntertainmentWOW! The band were breathtaking in their meticulous interpretation of their heroes and the public were breathless as they turned the clock back to dance every step, imitate each musical shift and sing every word. The Jam were that type of act and nothing short of total devotion would sum up the majority of their fan base. The Jam DRC afford an opportunity to witness the wonders of the original three wise men who last played together on 11th December 1982. However, it is evident that 35 years on since the split that The Jam DRC are a valid vehicle to carry forth the forever famed fare of one of the Uk’s greatest ever sonic combos.