Rob Jones
Ed Blaney is a long-term associate of The Fall. On the back of his dynamic debut album Urban Nature (which featured a large slice of Mark E. Smith), it is now time to go it alone. Therefore, Ed headed to Berlin and his four strong band – two of whom reside in the city diligently set about the task at hand. The ten tracks of Severancesprung forth – and, for all of you rock n roll purists it is a joyous affair full of tunes, not trimmings. There is no ostentatious pretence or overproduction – for in the main this is guitar-led garage with a twist in its many shapes and stances.

Open the melting pot and throw in rock in its forms of pub, glam plus punk and then add other flavours such as Stax, reggae, ska with some maximum r ‘n’ b added to the measures. The end product is a homage to a feel of all things good from the 70’s in order to take us forward on a ride that defers from the technological tools of today. It is refreshing that music can be played in such an earthy fashion where the most important factor is the quality of the material not the use of the hippest equipment.

Blaney leads from the front and directs operations – and, he makes every lyric crystal clear as his sonic soldiers pound out the beats.  The content explores youthful memories, individual dramas, a fractured 21st century society but strands of positivity are awash throughout the themes explored.

Blaney uses his Salford/Manchester roots as a springboard to then link up with the vibes offered via the German base utilised for the recording process. As a result a diverse and dexterous product ensues. The songs hit the listener in a juggernaut style assault and there Is no spare flesh on any of the numbers – for they are all lean and mean in their delivery. If there is any justice this work will afford the Ed master and his crew a wider audience for that is exactly what is deserved!