Rob Jones

The Cambrian Walking Rugby Tournament at the 3G pitch in Clydach Vale was a major success with the Rhondda Housing Association taking first and second place. The Cambrian Village Trust Over 50’s who were unbeaten in match time claimed third slot and The Cambrian Village Trust Strive & Thrive team came in fourth with a credible draw to their name. Snacks and drink were put on in the Lakeside later on and also valuable funds were raised for developments in the world of Alzheimer’s. It is yet another credit for the Cambrian Village Trust as a community initiative and there is a great deal going on at this respected enterprise.

The Cambrian Village Trust offers: Monday, 9.30am – 10.30am, Pilates – Maerdy Community Centre, £4 and 11.30am – 12.30pm Walking Rugby – Cambrian 3G, Clydach, £2; Tuesday, 10am Football coached session for local mental health hospitals – free for patients and 11am, Cambrian Social Climbers walking group Clydach Lakeside £3.50 plus, 11am-3pm, Woodworking Clydach Lakeside, free; Wednesday 1.45pm – 2.45pm Pilates – Salvation Army Hall, Pentre £4; Thursday, 11am-3pm, Woodworking Clydach Lakeside, free; and, Friday, 11am, Cambrian Social Climbers walking group Clydach Lakeside, £2.50 plus 2pm-4pm, Actif Woods Clydach, Lakeside Outdoor exercise and bushcraft, £5. Call 01443 433853/Mobile: 07952 607520, email: or go to