Rob Jones
My beautiful little furry pal has gone missing. I have been distraught walking the streets at 2am and then most of Thursday, December 21 with the assistance of my kind neighbours. Puss or Blue has been missing since the evening of Wednesday, December 20 and as he does not go out so there is more cause for concern. Yes, I am an old softy and this four-legged friend brings so much joy that I am distraught by his absence. He is a short haired, three-year-old, male, grey cat with green eyes, a blue collar and he has been chipped. As a rescue cat I took him in to offer hope for a lovely animal and this trauma has occurred.

I am up in Charles Street, Tonypandy so if anyone in this area has seen him or he has wandered into your house as they do, please get in touch on 07981 633361 0r email

2017 has been a particularly challenging year and the arrival of the cat in July was a tonic. So this recent loss has been quite a knockback. If you can help please do make a contact. I hope that he turns up and thanks for reading this post. Thank you – there are many good and caring souls out there as has been shown via social media interest.