Rob Jones

The RAFT Festival had many highlights across an array of highlights across
a range of areas. However, those in attendance at the comedy element of the
proceedings had a lot to laugh about. The wonderful upstairs venue at The
Lion Hotel, Treorchy provides an intimate setting and there was simply no
escaping the feel good factor.

Rhondda rib-tickler Drew Taylor directs proceedings with his MC skills and
he is the glue that unites the show. The Sunday show that closed the four
nights was perhaps the cream of the crop with star of stage and screen
Nathan Caton leading the way with a masterly display of mirth making. After
a tortuous delay heavy rail journey of eight hours from London to the gig
the star man displayed his off the cuff humour with a series of scything
comments on the state of our beleaguered train services.

There was also a lot of interaction with the audience and that led to some bizarre exchanges
which added to the affair. Caton was is a renowned force on a variety of TV
offerings is so laid back that nothing could seemingly faze him and
his seamless delivery is thoroughly recommended.

1. Please keep your eyes peeled for regular monthly hilarity at The
Lion’s Den via: