Rob Jones
Wondrous weather, superb setting, momentous music! Selecter and The Beat (featuring Ranking Roger) were the ska stars of an exciting and energetic concert. The setting of Caerphilly Castle proved to be an immense arena which was absolutely perfect for an outdoor summer show. There were just so many happy people present with nothing but a good vibe permeating the airwaves. Goodness me – we are talking about so much love in the house and a full venue packed with an array of characters mostly aged 40 years and up turned the clock back with sublime style. The amalgamated throng registered dance fever as if the Two Tone vibe was still the premier flavour of the day and an occasion was registered that will stay in the memory for a long time.
Orchard Entertainment have now scored several successes with their shows at this phenomenal historical site and there can not have been any better than this entertainment extravaganza. Selecter led by the glorious Pauline Black fired out a series of their hits including: Missing Words, Three Minute Hero, On My Radio plus the ultimate highlight and set closer Too Much Pressure incorporating a cover of the classic Pressure Drop. Pauline is a fine leader and her interaction with the crowd is also a winner as the band provide those beats that can do nothing but send the body in to a choreographic overdrive.
The Beat then appeared with Rankin’ Roger to the fore and his son as his central sidekick. There are just so many memorable radio friendly tunes to choose from and that list of options encapsulates the ilk of: Mirror in the Bathroom, Too nice to take Too, Best Friend, Save it for Later, Hands off she’s Mine, Stand down Margaret, Twist and Crawl, Ranking Full Stop and a lustrous list that goes on and on. Once again Roger built up a rapport with the fans and that hit a peak with a fabulous finale which involved bringing Miss Black back for a rousing version of the Prince Buster epic – Enjoy Yourself – and, the castle walls reverberated with rude rhythms as everyone present sang along without a care in the world.
Everything dovetailed and this recipe made for a stellar July affair that really hit the spot. If only every Friday evening could offer this much joy and for sure our lives would be richer for the experience! More please!