Rob Jones
The Skids should be put on prescription because any time spent in their company can only equate to the feelgood factor.  There is nothing but good to be gleaned from these Scottish warriors – and, it may 42 years since the story started bit there is plenty of positivity left in the tank. The tonic of band leader Richard Jobson and his entertaining tales is worthy of a visit but there is even more delight to be had when the mesmerising dancing and energetic singing is added to a package awash with great tunes and a tight band.

The Skids were one of the most productive and progressive units that rode the wave of 70’s punk – and, they moved forward into the next decade with experimentation and enterprise to the fore. However, a 1982 demise closed a chapter until post millennium gigs eventually led to a more recent reincarnation. From that point, more dates and the brilliant 2018 Burning Cities album followed. The chance to catch the lads at The Tramshed in Cardiff last June took one back to the heady halcyon days of youthful exuberance – and, on a personal note a never to be forgotten Top Rank show in the Welsh capital many moons ago.

In 2019 Jobbers and his troops are back on the road and that schedule involved a return to Swansea for the first time in 40 years. The compact surroundings of Sin City was the venue of choice and that meant that the performers are right in the face of the punters. On this occasion, that unity created a lively bond between the stage and the supporters. From the off of Animation, the aural arsenal of the act cannot be criticised. The list of older gems unleashed are epic tomes and that means a set including: Of One Skin,  Charade, Masquerade, Working for the Yankee Dollar, Hurry on Boys, Circus Games, The Saints are Coming, Out of Town, A woman in Winter, Happy to be with You, and the ultimate fans favourite, Into the Valley.  To add to which newer offerings such as New World Order and One last Chance have the bite to sit alongside the more renowned big hitters. Along the way,  the crowd also take on vocal duties during and in between numbers and there is nothing but love in the house!

The encore then threw up the always uplifting comical buzz of TV Stars – an ode to yesteryear Coronation Street icon, Albert Tatlock. We also get served delicious samples of truncated covers, i.e. The Sex Pistols – Pretty Vacant and Buzzcocks – What do I Get before a blistering take of The Olympian closed the pulsating proceedings.
The Skids left their mark on the Welsh coastal city and everyone in the auditorium got 101%  value for their venture out into the cold. Richard and his revellers were once again on top of The Absolute Game – and, their public garnered Strength through Joy as a result!