Rob Jones

There are no stringent musical boundaries any more as acts straddle between genres – and, even though it is still an aim of the media to pigeonhole it is a far more interesting world where artists defy their status. Audioslave step outside of their supposed comfort zone and pay homage to a range of diverse turns from The Clash through to Funkadelic, Nick Lowe and The White Stripes. add this to their own brand of grand and this Swedish show from the summer of 2003 hits the spot. Adoring punters are taken on a musical journey and the band hits it hard.
The united talents of the sadly now deceased Chris Cornell with a core of Rage Against the Machine were on fire at the time with one public led award putting them on a pedestal as ‘Favourite Lollapalooza Band’ of this year.
This charismatic catalogue captures a momentous musical magnificence. Be an audio slave to Audioslave – and, here is the ideal opportunity to pay homage to Cornell and his crew!