The army has played a critical role in fighting the covid pandemic. From co-ordination at the higher
echelons, to getting jabs in arms; our forces have served with distinction and therefore, Joel James,
Member for South Wales Central was keen to visit the troops and thank them for their efforts.

On the evening of Tuesday 6th July, Joel attended a training evening with reservists from 3rd
Battalion The Royal Welsh.

During the visit, Joel enjoyed a briefing from the officers of the battalion, where he learnt all about
the regiment and where they operate. He tried his hand at shooting on the DCCT range (dismounted
close combat trainer) and watched the soldiers perform FIBUA drills (fighting in built up areas).

Speaking at the end of the evening, Joel said:

“The army’s contribution to the battle against covid has been invaluable, I’m astounded at the
number of reservists, from here in South Wales Central, who have put their own lives on hold in
order to protect the public by mobilising on Operation Rescript.”

A total of 88 soldiers from 3 Royal Welsh mobilised in support of the covid pandemic, in locations
ranging from York, to Cyprus.

Joel added:

“I can’t express strongly enough the gratitude we all feel to our soldiers, as well as their families,
for what they’ve done over this past year, the Welsh Warriors really are the pride of South