Rob Jones

The real power pop Idol is back with the Roadside EP and the man once known as William Broad is on form with a smorgasbord of sounds which could only come from his canon. Yes, it is bonnie prince Billy Idol rocking out, reeling in and regaling his King Rocker mantra across a series of styles that he has both developed and perfected across a colossal career.

The quartet of tracks present unite a punk passion with an Elvis edge and a dance drive. The spirit of 1976 heads in to the electronic 80’s where the shift from Generation X/Gen X to solo status afforded the blonde bomber a huge helping of global gold. However, his Stateside citizenship can also create an alternative Americana with a touch of Chris Isaak in the mix.

This rebel roots that remain close to the heart of the main man are also on show. This brash boyish buoyancy was brought back to the fore in recent years with the Generation Sex project in the USA which united Billy, Generation X sidekick Tony James plus Sex Pistols icons Steve Jones and Paul Cook.

His trademark template has opened the doors for lots of pale imitations but this 2021 release has four tracks which leaves the listener delving into the vaults for more magic. This durable artist has lived a life and that has involved working across six different decades. Nonetheless, he still exhumes energy, enthusiasm, excitement and excellence! Rebel Yell – indeed!

The tunes on board are:

Rita Hayworth
Bitter Taste
U don’t have to kiss me like That
Baby put your clothes back On