Rob Jones

When Jenny Sullivan is the writer there is a guarantee that the goods will be golden. Yet again this Welsh wordsmith wizard has come up trumps with – The School Owl – a family tale that incorporates fact and fiction. The facts are based around the owls that live in the eaves of Cwmclydach Primary School added to the names of children and staff who are currently in operation at this NACE acclaimed school in South Wales.
The fiction then turns the realities into a magical story that also features a witch, spells, a strict teacher from a bygone age where the discipline was ever so different and a series of adventures that display the immense imagination of a talented novelist.
Is there more? Yes! However, it is up to you to read the text and find out in the contents.
Nonetheless, this is lustrous literature for primary aged youngsters to share in with their nearest and dearest. A perfect escape on a day to unite the young and older. Jen is a gem – and to create extra appeal the altruistic author is giving the proceeds of the sales from the book to the children’s literacy and well-being project i.e. World of Words. Please help the cause but in the mean time enjoy yourself with this entertaining excursion in to a fine fantasy.