by Rob Jones

There are over 100 million Bob Marley & The Wailers recordings sold, including 1977’s ‘Exodus’, anointed Best Album of the century in 1999 by Time Magazine, and ‘One Love’; named Song of the Millennium that same year by BBC. Spin Magazine listed Bob Marley & The Wailers at #4 of the “50 Greatest Bands of All Times,” while The New York Times named Bob Marley the most significant musician of the 20th century. These accolades were made possible by the creative, timeless, and distinctive music, lyrics and production of an icon, a true bona fide legend.

Therefore, any music fans will be advised to check out the ‘One Love’ movie which dramatises the rise and demise of Marley from Trenchtown to talk of the town, from local to global, from rasta to superstar from roots rebel rocker to passionate, prized peacemaker, from immense force to extreme illness – and an ultimate sorrowful death at the young age of 36. However, it was far more than the music as he dedicated his life towards achieving a tranquil, united Jamaica and his campaign came at a time of extreme hostility. This quest came at his own cost as he took a bullet or two for the cause as well as losing a close ally and placing those around him in jeopardy. However, his national desires and religious beliefs were to the forefront – even though these commendable credits were caught in a haze of sex ‘n’ drugs and rock ‘n’ roll tendencies.

Bob had a troubled mixed race upbringing without a caring input from his invisible uncaring Caucasian dad and that lack of a positive paternal presence took its toll in a variety of ways. However, Bob became a proud family man of several children but on times a not so dedicated husband and father who got caught up in the usual bacchanalian excesses of being a stage and studio ‘LEGEND’. However, the seminal sounds and timeless anthems that surfaced have made the world a better place – and this body of work will never ever diminish in its universal appeal.

The ‘One Love’ movie was on show at the wonderful multi-faceted Chapter Arts Theatre in Canton, Cardiff and in these comfortable and contemporary settings – it was the perfect setting for a potent movie. This cinematic style went and and off the many junctions of the Marley motorway and highlighted the trauma and tribulations of an aural ambassador who several decades after his demise still carries a level of kudos that is only afforded a limited band of warriors. Sadly lost but always here – Bob Marley.

Well done to all involved in the production and it is yet another credit for Chapter! We want to jam it with you!