Rob Jones

Nine Inch Nails are the brainchild of Trent Reznor. As a focussed fan, disillusioned deity, aural alchemist, street survivor and powerful performer Reznor has stamped his authority on swathes of sonic disciples as well as being a major mover in music industry changes.Trent and his uncompromising stance has made NIN one of the most challenging, controversial, creative and consistent enterprises to have ventured forth from the American industrial rock scene.

The Sound & Vision 2 DVD set explores a unique story that was activated by influences such as Ministry, Skinny Puppy, David Bowie, Depeche Mode plus Throbbing Gristle (and, their band leader Genesis P. Orridge plays a major role in this viewing experience). The Clash and The Smiths may not appear to be bedfellows of NIN but Reznor has made acknowledgements to a spirit associated to such acts that wants him to garner the same respect for his career output.

Disc one consists of a classic NIN documentary as a second disc comprises of several revealing interviews spanning across a turbulent CV.

It is clear that Trent appreciates what has gone on before his rise to fame. The sound of certain artists and his nod to great acts from across the pond is significant. The ravages of hedonistic excesses and record company strife have caused their problems but Reznor has been strong enough to wade through the woe and he is now in a far better place. An astute business character has developed and this allows for the subsequent releases and tours to evolve.

All of the pieces of the jigsaw that have been assembled prove that the hero of this presentation is always up for a challenge whoever throws down the gauntlet. What becomes clear is that Reznor hammers Nine Inch Nails in to place and a solid platform allows for the ensuing frenzy and furore to sustain its momentum!