Rob Jones

Mott the Hoople was a force in the early to mid 70’s. This influential British band had success on either side of the Atlantic. However, their star may be unknown to future generations who have backtracked to the recording careers of a halcyon period in rock exuberance. MTH are definitely worth investigation and if it is only to explore their string of singles please put in the effort-because the artistic endeavour applied by these warriors places them on a pedestal as a premier pioneer in the era of glam glory.

Mott the Hoople: The Whole Story is a 2 disc DVD/CD set of archive footage and pertinent interviewees re-running a story that has led to another chapter of live lustre in recent times. In the quest to bring this tale to the fore the 62 minute DVD and 77 minute CD includes chat with key players and devoted followers. With the inspirational Ian Hunter to the fore and a stage reputation that absorbed a fan base including the likes of Mott obsessive Mick Jones (The Clash/B.A.D./Carbon Silicon). Other figures such as celebrated writer/performers Kris Needs and John Robb also come forward to sing the praises of an act that had an edge that made them a favourite amongst a lot of the pre-punk crowd. The former figure was even president of the group fan club where disciples would have to write to their favoured artists and a postal bond would be formed. It has to be remembered that this was a pre-Internet period-and, outlets of worship to one’s heroes meant that all important letter link up. That meant going out in all weathers to pop off post to the golden and the great! Kris must have been a busy man-but, this level of love to the musical icons of the day was an essential means to an end as this was the pre-digital age.

The support of the sadly 2016 departed David Bowie is a pertinent feature within the narrative and although there is far more to MTH than the Thin White Duke penned ‘All the young Dudes’ it is clear that this tune is certainly central to proceedings. Nonetheless, the ilk of singles such as: ‘Rock and Roll Queen’, ‘Honaloochie Boogie’, ‘All the Way from Memphis’, ‘Roll Away the Stone’, ‘The Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll’, ‘Foxy Foxy, and ‘Saturday Gigs’ also score as major Midas. Add to which a series of albums aroused interest in the UK and USA-and, as a stage entity Mott the Hoople stood tall at the top of the tree where there was energy in abundance as the performers and punters united to forge enough energy to power the national grid.

Over forty years ago a bill of Mott the Hoople with the New York Dolls in support is the stuff of yesteryear dreams. Let’s get in the TARDIS and set the clock to be transported back to one of those affairs! Well, that is not going to happen-but, you can enjoy the pleasures of this regal release and set your dial for a world where Ariel Bender is one of the key characters!