Leadership & Management Wales has launched a new self-learning platform for leaders and managers in Wales. Designed for busy professionals, the LMW Hub is dedicated to providing access to the best leadership & management development related tools, resources, content and discussion – all in one place.

Successful managers have one thing in common: they never stop learning. According to the latest research from Degreed “How the Workforce Learns in 2016” almost 85% of employees learn things for work by searching online at least once a week. And nearly 70% of business professionals learn by reading articles and blogs every week.

Gone are the days when employees rely solely on training departments to meet their learning needs. Today’s managers are more proactive in their outlook and are embracing self-managed learning.

It’s the getting a little better every day that leads to great things.” KIMO KIPPEN, HILTON WORLDWIDE CHIEF LEARNING OFFICER

The LMW Hub will help Welsh leaders and managers raise the game when it comes to leadership & management skills by providing access to the best development tools and resources, including practical and bite-sized articles, videos, audio, research, theory and more, from world-leading experts.

According to LMW’s research, the majority of Welsh businesses want to develop their team’s management and leadership skills, but time and budget constraints form considerable barriers for many. “The LMW Hub has been developed to help overcome these issues and to provide the tools and resources for managers to develop themselves.” explains Jo Riley, Director of Leadership & Management Wales. “We know that managers find it difficult to fit learning into their busy working lives so the LMW Hub editorial team monitors the content published from over 300 world-leading sources including Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Business Insider and Entrepreneur. We pick the ‘best of the best’ for the LMW Hub, saving managers time and effort, plus we provide an Online Mentoring tool, helping managers make time for their professional development.

Some of Wales’ leading businesses are already embracing the benefits of edtech and have signed up to the LMW Hub including, Legal & General, British Gas, Sony, Arriva Train Wales, Aneurin Leisure and the University of South Wales Commercial Services. Edtech is about the effective use of technological tools to enhance learning. The tools we use to learn are almost as important as the lessons themselves and the edtech revolution is arming us with a multitude of tools that convey learning in the most impactful, engaging and cost-effective way.

To celebrate the launch of the new LMW Hub, we are offering an introductory discount (use LAUNCH50) as well as the opportunity to trial the platform for free. To find out more visit www.lmw.org.uk.