Rob Jones

Brix Smith Start could never be accused of living life in one gear; and, her chameleon characteristics have resulted in a number of highs and lows in a multi-faceted career! That opening sentence alone should create interest in the Brix autobiography which is entitled The Rise, The Fall, and The Rise.
Once you are led to this pond of prose it is time to drink the waters because the author has an endless supply of diverse tales. The honesty and sincerity in the text has the reader assess the subject matter and her fortunes and failings. The narrative also has one take a long look in the mirror!

Brix hits the warts and all trail because even from her nascent years and the adventures of L.A., Chicago and even New York there was also family breakdown, health issues and the most horrific sexual assault. It is difficult to assimilate bouncing back especially from the latter brutal indiscretion but the writer somehow keeps on keeping on. There have been obvious hurdles but Brix is a survivor (even though awkward obstacles regularly surface).

The lady born Laura Elisse Salenger either by design or fate has marched on even though there may be a stall or stumble. She has truly become a transatlantic traveller leaving the U.S.A. to take up with Mark E. Smith is his inhuman cave where the fridge is an outside window ledge. This stint led to signing up with Smith as a wife and also taking up residency with his seminal band, The Fall. Not for the first time in folklore Mark E, meanders from genial gent to musical maverick to demonic dictator. Brix does not stand alone on the grounds that M.E.S. Is part messiah part mess.

Nonetheless, her entry in to the inner sanctum of the weird and frightening world of Mr Smith has given more insights in this enigma. Brix had a distinct input as The Fall create some wondrous work but as time elapses she also avoids the bullets fired at regular intervals from the fuehrer. Her marriage falters, the working relationship sours and even though things are insufferable Brix wants to stay and repair damages that can never be put right.

She moves on to Nigel Kennedy and again an imbalance of powers takes its toll. Our heroine returns to The Fall just as a performer but she is caught up in Smith’s latest womanising shenanigans and these encounters are quite bizarre from the perspective of Brix (or anyone in such an uncompromising position). Mark E. spirals out of control and his ex-wife eventually can take no more so there is another departure.

There is a lot more to this story as Brix goes on to carve out a career as a fashion guru and also finds true love. It would be impossible to dissect this book in to further segments because it is now the task of getting your head buried in to a fine piece of literature that takes in the ups and downs of an exceptional life. Be prepared to both laugh and cry as the building Brix of existence crumble down or as her return to the rock fold suggests these blocks can also cement together. Onward and upwards!