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Tonypandy photographer Tony Smith was asked by the non-profit literacy and well-being project to show his pictures at Ton Pentre Junior School. Not only did Tony offer his services but he then put on a first class show in front of two large audiences of year 3/4 and then 5/6 pupils. His photographic skills spoke for themselves and his endeavour comes heavily recommended. A selection of diverse and diligent visuals have all been taken by Tony and there is both quantity and quality within the range of images. This first presentation in front of a young crowd was a credit to a man who is a respected car mechanic by trade. His responses to the countless questions from many inquisitive minds were immense. Well done Tony and it is many thanks from World of Words (WOW) and Ton Pentre Juniors for an enjoyable and informative afternoon.

Ton Pentre Juniors were delighted with World of Words for bringing in Tony and the respective star man for his show. Everyone had a great time with so much expertise and excellence from Mr. Smith and then lots of energy and enthusiasm from the pupils. The added bonus was that Tony presented the school with a print of the enclosed photograph of Ton Pentre Junior School and Headteacher Mr Ian Evans was delighted and extremely grateful for the gift and the application of their guest.

Tony was nervous about his first performance especially in front of a youthful gathering but he had no cause for concern as he was a hit and when asked about the day he said ‘Would I do it again?? Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’.

Tony’s prints can be purchased. Please make a contact for prices on 07787 398614 or email:

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WOW aims to develop self-esteem and confidence in children and all of this work comes via fundraising so to get a free offer of help as shown by Tony was priceless. If you can help this altruistic group, please email