Rob Jones
The UK Subs continue to entertain around the globe with a potent passion-and, 2017 marked 40 years of vocalist Charlie Harper and his crew! The Subs high energy history deserves maximum respect as they have not compromised on their power or politics! The Top of the Pops singles glory of: Stranglehold, Tomorrows Girls, She’s not There, Warhead, Teenage, Party in Paris and Keep on Running (til you Burn) had the band riding high between 1978-81. The hits and the subsequent chart albums: Another Kind of Blues, Brand new Age, Crash Course and Diminished Responsibility put the Subs at the peak of the punk premiership.

The Top 50 may no longer house the Subs but a dedicated fan base has had the boys continue to sell out gigs from Tonypandy to Tokyo! This industrious act returns with more British dates which will feature newer material plus a glut of those yesteryear gems. A headline show fronting an all day affair at  The Muni Arts Centre, Pontypridd is set for Saturday, May 5 from 2pm. The event comes with whole host of renowned support acts including: Discharge, GBH, The Lurkers, Criminal Mind, Pizzatramp and Drunken Marksman.

Tickets are £27.50 including fees and bookings can be made via or for more details ring the venue on 01443 485934.