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-AUTUMN 2018*

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*Attention Earth!*

*We are Henge.*

*We come in peace.*

*We bring you your first gift of cosmic dross – a kind of music new to your

There are no human words to adequately describe the ‘Cosmic Dross’ genre,
though its sound is characterised by the thundering drums of NOM – an
amphibious creature from the Sirius Star System – the garment-rending bass
frequencies of the last surviving Venusian, GOO, and the whacked-out synths
of the band’s only human, GROK. Over this instrumental framework, the
band’s founder, ZPOR, sings of his space travels and
evokes a joyous celebration of life.
‘Indigo Dust’ is inspired by a universal feeling that is shared by creative
beings all across the galaxy and beyond, as ZPOR enlightens us:

*“‘Indigo Dust’ is about the thrill of making art; the rush you feel when
inspiration has you in its grip!”*

*Watch the video here:* *https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXMDdxN493s

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‘Indigo Dust’ is only your first tantalising taste of Cosmic Dross, for
HENGE will give this extra-terrestrial genre its dawning moment on our
planet with their *debut album ’Attention Earth!’*scheduled for
transmission on *19th October 2018*. From meditations on Earth’s own
heavenly body (‘Moon’), to prophetic warnings from far away worlds
(‘Machine Landscape’), and even an ode to the spacecraft that transported
HENGE across time and space to the Milky Way (‘Mushroom One’); ’Attention
Earth!’ is a light-speed journey through otherworldly sounds, an ecstatic
hymn to the wonder of life and a joyful incitement to a peaceful existence.

Throughout 2018, they have scheduled a series of *landings across the
United Kingdom*. These gatherings are held with the aim of provoking the
proliferation of joy amongst humans… Be ready, these will be close
encounters of the HENGE kind.


Oct 31 – The Lost Arc, Rhayader
Nov 01 – Bierkeller, Exeter
Nov 02 – Old Market Assembly, Bristol
Nov 03 – Nos Da, Cardiff
Nov 08 – The Lexington, London
Nov 09 – Hope and Ruin, Brighton
Nov 15 – The Cluny, Newcastle
Nov 16 – The Warehouse, Penrith
Nov 17 – Yellow Arch, Sheffield
Nov 22 – HiFi Club, Leeds
Nov 23 – The Continental, Preston
Nov 24 – Dirty Weekender Festival, Kilmarnock
Nov 25 – Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
Nov 29 – The Bodega, Nottingham
Nov 30 – The Donkey, Leicester
Dec 1 – EBGBS, Liverpool
Dec 7 – The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge
Dec 8 – Gorilla , Manchester *** two shows – all ages matinee + evening

*HENGE: ’ATTENTION EARTH!’IMPACTS 19.10.2018* * * * **

“I absolutely love Henge, they are amazing.”
-Soho Radio

“Astounding and cosmic”
-Talk Radio

“Henge are out of this world!”
-Laura Beth, Revolution FM

“I was absolutely blown away by the Henge album. It’s immensely
entertaining from start to finish … cerebrally invigorating wigout world
of wonder. 9.5 outta 10.”
Tony Gleed, Boogaloo Radio

“…a multicoloured, multi rhythmic, multiplied, multi-storey mass of total
-John Robb, Louder Than War
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