Rob Jones

On a bitter November night what could possibly lighten up proceedings on a dark and depressing Thursday? The answer would be the smooth summer sounds of Soul II Soul on their 30th aniversary tour.
St. David’s Hall, Cardiff welcomed the luscious beats of London’s finest and their sound system sparked style. The unified forces of musicians, vocalists and MC/DJ band leader Jazzie B unite to form an ostentatious 13 strong stage orchestra.
The timeless times of 1989 debut album Club Classics Vol. One are to the fore this evening along with a mega slice of 90’s chart action -and, this combination is a worthy way to wade off winter woes.
Jazzie B warrants the utmost respect and his affable manner directs the good ship Soul II Soul. Mr B is the key to the Midas merchandise that floats from the stage with the greatest of ease. Men may possibly not be able to multi task but JB can because he is a superman!
The stage is awash with busy bodies and this accompanying army assist the sonic salvation. A chance to hear the likes of Keep on Movin’ and Back To Life swoon out of the speakers has the audience in their elements – because this delicious duo of ditties are the ultimate nuggets in among a glut of gold.
The audience sing and dance – and, a huge feel good factor ensues with a nod to Roy Ayers bringing more sunshine to the set. Soul II Soul shift through a gamut of groove gears and several singers add to a carnival concert.
Jazzie B Good and he certainly was! It is many thanks to this great guy and his charismatic combo for taking the time to bring their stellar show to South Wales! A dream’s a Dream!