Rob Jones

Many great tunes have traversed the 43 year career of Killing Joke – but, if the truth be known the ‘Eighties’ produced the most diverse and diligent studio material. Does that mean that there has been stagnancy in the camp since those halcyon days? The answer would be a resounding – no! The proof of that post punk pudding was a demonic and delicious date at The Tramshed, Cardiff.

A trio of classic yesteryear gems kicked off affairs and their anthemic hit – Love like Blood led the way leading into the powerful Wardance and a dynamic – The Fall of Because. The band led by Jaz Coleman then jumped around their catalogue shifting from now to then but mostly via heavy to heavier.

The rhythms of Geordie’s unique guitar, a bass bombast via Youth, a thumping percussive groove courtesy of Ferguson and sharp keyboard inserts aplenty created a musical monster of majestical mayhem. Then front stage the Lord of Chaos – JC – directs operations with his dervish dancing and growling gusto.

The show headed towards two hours of frantic energy and the collective foot did not come off the gas. Geordie and Youth exude cool unflustered stances as Ferguson is in overdrive. Meanwhile, all that Jaz is both manic and magic.

The set list was well received as the band and fans also appreciated a chance to return to a real gig atmosphere after the lengthy pandemic restrictions.

Just view the tunes on offer and it is evident that it was a night to Honour the Fire of Killing Joke.

1. Love Like Blood

2. Wardance

3. The Fall of Because

4. Honour the Fire

5. We Have Joy

6. Money Is Not Our God

7. This World Hell

8. Primitive

9. Turn to Red

10. Bloodsport

11. Lord of Chaos

12. The Death and Resurrection Show

13. Total Invasion

14. Loose Cannon

15.The Wait

16. Pssyche


17. Requiem

18. I Am the Virus


Killing Joke demonstrate that aural aggression is not just the domain of the youth. There is also a mountain of messages in among the momentum. These rebels can rock and will continue to do so until they do drop – which is hopefully some way off. Primitive…..indeed! Sample the goods they will both frighten and enlighten….