By Rob Jones

Another great sadly spins off this mortal coil. MC5 have provided me with much joy and their critical influence far outweighed their commercial status. In my wildest dreams I did not think it was possible to get to see any incarnation of the MC5 but in 2019 I was fortunate enough to get that opportunity – and I savoured every second. As the only remnant of the first line up – Wayne Kramer – led a celebration of half a century of music from the Detroit dynamos – as MC50 took to the stage at the then Cardiff Motorpoint. My word it was a potent performance and one could only imagine the furore of this aural and verbal ferocity all those years ago with the original guys in their youthful pomp.

So many punk and alternative bands doffed their caps in the direction of MC5 with both covers and comments. In the name of raucous and riotous rock n roll Kramer and his cohorts were pioneers. I am glad that there was a chance to discover this soaring sound and to have seen Wayne in Wales was a never to be forgotten joy. Kick out the Jams on the other side! Wayne Kramer RIP – although peace does not seem appropriate for this powerhouse💔